texas rising

branded content for history and dodge ram


Rugged. Resolved. Revolutionary.

Words to describe Big Machine? Yes, but in this case they refer to the epic 5-part History miniseries “Texas Rising.”

Director Steve Petersen saddled up to direct this “Texas Rising” themed spot for History Channel and RAM.

The creative called for a dry, arid looking Texas, the only problem was that Texas didn’t exist when the team arrived for shooting. Record rainfalls had produced lush greenery. Massive color correction created the impression of a much drier, hotter Texas than actually existed.

Big Machine also used a camera drone to capture wide vistas of the RAM truck and cowboy as they converge at a fork in the road.

This is the first spot in a campaign that we’re creating for History & RAM.

NOTE: Our shoot happened before the tragic floods and tornados hit Texas and Oklahoma. Please consider making a donation for flood relief:



Client: History    Director: Steve Petersen      Executive Producer: Sean Owolo

Creative Directors: Steve Petersen / Ken Carlson      Producer: Andy Novak